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Cumberland Valley Baptist ChurchThe ground work for Cumberland Valley Baptist Church started on New Year’s Day, January 1st, 2012, when Pastor Moyer and his son Micah began knocking on doors throughout the Cumberland Valley Township area. Knowing God has sent him to plant churches in rural areas of America, Pastor Moyer was directed south of Bedford, Pa in a little community of Centerville where there were no Baptist churches within 13 miles. Searching for those who may be interested and finding a building to meet in became very difficult. The few buildings he thought would work ended up in opposition of a new church in the area.

On Saturday May 26th, while going door to door with his family, Pastor Moyer enquired about a small vacant church building that the fire chief informed him about a couple of weeks prior. Although it was not the location Pastor Moyer desired, he decided to give the search for a building up to the Lord. Pastor Moyer and his family found the little white country church that was once known as the Mineral Springs Church. It was built in 1862 and was the result of the Circuit Riding Preachers of that time. After speaking with the owners, they agreed to allow Pastor Moyer to reopen the church building and hold services.

On June 24th, Cumberland Valley Baptist Church held its first service with 21 in attendance. On August 19th, they had their first Baptismal Service at Faith Baptist Church of Osterburg, PA (Pastor Moyer’s sending church). A week later, Cumberland Valley Baptist Church held another Baptismal Service with two others getting baptized plus Pastor Moyer’s son, Micah.

On September 2nd, the Constitution was signed in along with the charter membership of 8 people.